This blog is half-personal, an easy way to make pictures and movies from our little family available to our relatives, and half-professional, a  practical platform to publicize my research. The Personal section is protected (the original password has been kept), the Professional one is mostly public.

Freshly accepted

  • Schubert, G., Stockhausen, M., Hoffmann, C., Merkel, K., Vigilant, L., Leendertz, F.H., Calvignac-Spencer, S. Targeted detection of mammalian species using carrion fly – derived DNA. Molecular Ecology Resources.
  • Calvignac-Spencer, S., Schulze, J., Zickmann, F., Renard, B. Clock rooting further demonstrates that Guinea 2014 EBOV is a member of the Zaïre lineage. PLOS Currents: Outbreaks.